This semester, join a Redeemer class to help you grow in your knowledge, understanding, and application of Scripture in your life and area of ministry! 

We will be offering some online classes at no charge. These classes will have a small group feel to them as they meet online for an hour and half with some teaching and discussion. Although there is no charge, you will still need to sign-up. 

All classes will be meeting in the evenings for 6 weeks online via ZOOM.

The classes being offered during the first 6 weeks are: 

-New Testament Survey Part 1: Matthew-Acts (February 6th-March 13th)

-Knowing God & His Gospel Part 1 (February 1st-March 8th)

-How to Read the Bible (February 9th-March 16th)

The classes offered during the second 6 weeks are: 

-New Testament Survey Part 2: Romans-Revelation (April 3rd-May 8th)

-Contagious Christianity (April 6th-May 11th)

Click here to sign up for a class