This Is Christmas

Christmas and the winter season can be a harsh and difficult time for many families and children. Is it possible to form a coalition of businesses, organizations, non-profits and media outlets that could partner together, address some of these needs and provide hope and practical help at Christmas? We believe it is!

Here is a site that we built solely for this amazing event.

This is Christmas” is simply about providing hope and some very practical help for children and families in need, and to do so in a generous and dignified approach.

What if parents, who are struggling to provide for their kids, who are on some sort of assistance, could come and shop for free for brand new toys and winter clothing for their kids? What if, after shopping for their kids, they found a warm and inviting atmosphere with volunteers to wrap their gifts while they enjoyed festive treats and encouraging conversation with some folks that cared enough to take some time out to be there for them? What if?

As an individual, you can make a difference by making a tax-deductible donation to “This is Christmas.”

If you’d like to support this event, click here!

We think it’s entirely possible! Check out this video to learn more about This Is Christmas: