Wednesday, October 17th

Does my work matter or am I just collecting a paycheck? How can my leadership within business reflect the heart of God? What work can I do where I feel connected to something larger than myself? If you’ve asked these questions, we invite you to attend the FAITH + WORK luncheon series right here in Syracuse, NY.

It’ll be a lunch with industry experts, conversation, and community. We’ll talk about how the gospel not only transforms our view of work but also connects it to God’s work.

Our industry expert this month is Mike Servello Sr. Mike has worked in the for-profit world and non-profit worlds. He is the founding pastor of Redeemer Church, a large and growing church with five campuses in the upstate New York area.

Mike and his wife Barbara have pastored since 1981 taking a small church and developing it into a Region-Reaching church. Mike is also the founder and president of Compassion Coalition, a ministry which this year alone gave $20 million in products and services to people in need throughout upstate New York and around the world.

Invite your friends and co-workers to the Embassy Suites of Destiny USA for community and conversation as we explore the intersection of FAITH + WORK.

If you’d like to register for this one-time event, click here!

– This event cost $15 per person and is open to the community.
– Located at the Embassy Suites of Destiny USA
– Wednesday, October 17th from 12 pm – 1:30 pm
– FAITH+ WORK is a monthly luncheon series focused on strengthening your leadership within the workplace.