Launch Camp - 2020

Launch Camp is an amazing annual event, joining together middle-schoolers (students going into 6th-8th grade) from all five of our campuses as we seek God and grow in Christ-centered relationships. At Redeemer Church, we are passionate about seeing students discover the life-transforming power of the Gospel!

This year, instead of an overnight camp, we will be hosting a 2-day long DAY CAMP at a local camp in Frankfort, New York. During our time at the camp, we will run it very similarly as our normal camp with a service in the morning and at night. With team games and fellowship in the middle of the day.


Date – Aug 21-22

Albany: Drop off at the Albany Campus at 8am, pick-up at 9:30pm
Utica: Drop-off at the campground at 10am, pick-up at 8pm

Location –  Local Church Camp – 386 Gates Road Frankfort NY 13340

Cost – $20

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Here is a downloadable info sheet with more info

In light of COVID19, we will be taking the following precautions in alignment with state guidelines in order to maintain a safe environment for all students in attendance:


•All camp leaders will be required to wear masks within 6 feet of another person

•We will require all students to wear masks within 6 feet of another person indoors

•We will not require students to wear masks while engaged in outdoor activities (as they will be in the open air and we do not want anything to hinder breathing as students physically exert themselves)

Social distancing-

•The camp sanctuary  (which is very large)will be set-up like the Sunday service with a grouping of chairs around the sanctuary.

•Students will be encouraged to gather outside in the open air when they are fellowshipping before and after services

•We will encourage (to the best of our ability) everyone to maintain the recommended 6 feet of distance between one another when fellowshipping


•For UTICA we will not be busing our students this year to the camp instead students can either carpool or be driven by parents

•Drop-off will take place daily at 10am at the camp pavilion

•Pick-up will take place daily at 8pm at the camp pavilion

•For ALBANY we will be utilizing the 3 church vans to transport students back and forth from the day camp on the 21st, and 22nd.

•Drop-off at the Albany campus will be at 8:30am daily at the Albany campus

•Pick-up will be at 9:30pm Daily at the Albany campus


•Please make sure your students have eaten breakfast before arriving

•All students will be asked to pack their own lunches for each day

•We will provide pizza for the night’s before service (there will be a gluten-free option too)

•We will provide various prepackaged snacks thought the camp

•We will provide water bottles for students but recommend they bring a refillable bottle with them as-well


•Worship will have students spread throughout the entirety of an outdoor pavilion

•Sermons will be as usual with students again spread out sitting throughout outdoor pavilion in socially distanced groups

•Prayer will take place at the appropriate social distance

•There will be no attendance limits as our sanctuary at the 33% occupancy exceeds 100+ people which is larger than the group we will bring

Small groups-

•Small groups will attempt to meet outdoors in distanced groups around the camp property depending on the weather. If we are inside we will utilize the outdoor pavilion and be spread out

Note*- our restriction could be loosened in alignment with government recommendation updates

Medical Release Form – Must Print/Submit Physical Copy!